T.A.R.T. Maps Out Future Vision

What will the T.A.R.T. system look like three to five years from now? That's a question leaders of the organization tackled on Tuesday evening as they mapped out their vision for the future during a meeting at the Hagerty Center in Traverse City. Dozens of people who use the trails showed up to share their own visions for the future of the trail system and how to improve it. From expanding current trails to creating new ones, there were many suggestions from the community that T.A.R.T. says it will consider in the upcoming years. T.A.R.T. also says it will focus on the safety of the trails along with creating more options for sustainable travel. 9&10's Kalee Iacoangeli and photojournalist Jordan Nagel spoke with the director of development for T.A.R.T. who says he wants the trail system to be world-class.

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