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Raffle to Help Groom Cross Country Ski Trails

Cross country skiers in Grand Traverse County are asking you to help keep the trails in tip-top shape. The North American VASA Ski Club works with the tart trails to keep them in pristine condition during the winter. They're selling raffle tickets to help with the cost of grooming and maintaining them. “The community has been great about supplying heavy equipment, heavy equipment operators etc. but we still have out of pocket costs to cover the grooming and trail work,” Pete Laplace, North American VASA president, said. The raffle will be held at the VASA Festival of Races award ceremony Feb. 13 at the Hagerty Center at 7 p.m. Tickets are 25 or 100 dollars for five. First prize is 35-hundred dollars, second is a weekend getaway at Timber Ridge Resort. Tickets are available online at the website below or by calling 231-938-4400.

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