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Gov. Granholm Says President’s Plan Created 42,000 Jobs in Michigan

Gov. Jennifer Granholm says President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan created 42,000 jobs in Michigan in the past six months. She says his plan deserves a chance to succeed. Granholm appeared Sunday on political talk shows on CBS and CNN to talk about the President making congressional passage of a new jobs bill a top priority and granting tax credits to companies who decide to make their products in the U.S. Along with Obama's pledge to enforce trade agreements, Granholm says that means the U.S. should see manufacturing growth in the future. She says it gives Michigan hope that they can transform themselves and diversify. As an example, she said batteries for electric cars might be made in the U.S. by American workers instead of in Asia. Do you think Michigan needs more stimulus money to create more jobs? Let us know for “Feedback at 5:00.”

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