World Record Just 230 Steps Away For Ferris State Rube Goldberg Team

World records are not supposed to be simple endeavors and at Ferris State University they wouldn't have it any other way. The university's Rube Goldberg team just returned from Japan where they were taped for a TV show called “Fountain of Trivia.” Rube Goldberg machines use a series of complicated steps to perform one simple task. In 2007 the FSU team set a world record for most steps in a machine when it took 229 tasks to squeeze an orange into juice. The game show brought three students and an professor to Japan for two weeks to build a machine that would break the previous world record. The machine built by Kyle Hebner, Mike Dunakin & Bryan Williams along with advisor Thomas Hollen will most likely be certified as having more than 229 steps once the Guinness Book of World Records fully analyzes it. The machine built in Japan took the team two weeks to create and took a picture with a Polaroid camera once it was complete. Kaz and Corey talked to the guys and got to see them turn a few toys into a mini-Rube Goldberg machine. For another segment from this show, visit under Michigan This Morning “On The Road.”

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