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Newly Proposed Bill Raises Fuel Tax to Save Michigan Roads

In order to keep several Michigan road construction projects on track and secure federal match money for road improvements, two state lawmakers proposed a bill to raise the fuel tax. Republican Representative Richard Ball and Democratic Representative Pam Byrnes sponsored a new fuel bill that would increase the tax on gasoline from 19 cents per gallon to 23 cents per gallon this year and to 27 cents in 2013. It's a similar hike for diesel, which would jump from 15 cents per gallon to 21 cents per gallon this year to 27 cents in 2013. It's estimated the measures would raise $480 million a year once fully implemented. But as 9&10's Kalee Iacoangeli and photojournalist Jordan Nagel report, a trucking company in Reed City and several drivers want lawmakers to put the brakes on this new fuel tax hike.