Donate Shoes to Haiti Victims at Emmet County Recycling

Cleaning out your closet just got a little easier, at least in the shoe department. The Emmet County drop-off center will gladly take shoes that are in good shape. They're collecting shoes through the Soles-Four-Souls program to send to Haiti. They already have 17 big boxes, but they want more. By Feb. 3, they hope to fill a semi-trailer with your new or gently used shoes. They'll take nearly anything from tennis shoes to work boots. “It really only takes one person to say hey, I have 25 people in my classroom in college and if I could get two pairs of shoes from everybody there's 50 pairs of shoes,” Lindsey Walker, Emmet County Recycling, said. The drop-off center hopes schools, businesses and churches will pitch in to collect more. You can take them to the drop off center in Harbor Springs. They always collect shoes for different causes, but this batch will be sent out Feb. 3.

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