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Sports Overtime will have 18 games on Friday!

[b]9&10 News is blowing out the sports department budget this Friday by getting to 18 local high school basketball and hockey games.[/b] [i]Here's where the OT Crew is headed:[/i] Vic McCarty GBB Frankfort at Leland, 6:00 PM GBB Benzie Central at Suttons Bay, 6:00 PM BBB Benzie Central at Suttons Bay, 7:30 PM Jeff Johnson BBB Clare at Meridian, 7:30 PM BBB Roscommon at Beaverton, 7:30 PM John McGowan BBB Whitehall at Mason County Central, 7:30 PM GBB Big Rapids Crossroads at Mason County Eastern, 7:30 PM Greg Miller HKY Big Rapids at Cadillac, 7:00 PM BBB Petoskey at Cadillac, 7:30 PM Corey Petee GBB Buckley at Mesick, 6:00 PM BBB Buckley at Mesick, 7:30 PM Joel Deaner HKY TC Central at Gaylord, 7:00 PM GBB Forest Area at Gaylord St. Mary, 7:30 PM Jeremy Erickson GBB Grayling at TC St. Francis, 6:00 PM BBB Grayling at TC St. Francis, 7:30 PM GBB TC West at TC Central, 7:30 PM Bernie Tonsor GBB Brimley at Pickford, 7:30 PM GBB DeTour at Cedarville, 7:30 PM