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Whooping Cough Cases Found in Emmet County

Whooping cough is serious, miserable and preventable. Doctors diagnosed two siblings in Emmet County with whooping cough this week. Now the Health Department of Northwest Michigan wants to remind everyone to get vaccinated. The department says whooping cough can start off like a simple cold. But within a week or two, they say that mild cough can turn into painful coughing fits. It's also highly contagious. That's why they say immunizations are so important. “It's not just a disease of the past, it's a disease that's hear today also and so that's why getting immunizations on a regular basis is so important for children, especially for infants,” Pat Fralick, Health Dept. of Northwest Michigan nurse, said. Family members of young babies are also encouraged to get vaccinated. Besides getting the vaccine at your doctors office, local health departments have the vaccine.