New Bus Route Connects Wexford County to Traverse City

A new bus route is connecting Wexford County to Traverse City. The Cadillac Wexford Transit Authority's (CWTA) new stop is in Buckley. Connecting the communities was part of the Grand Vision project. The ride from Cadillac to Traverse City by bus can take up to two hours. However, the Transit Authority says it's an important link for many people to get to doctors appointments or to just get out of the house. “We also see seniors that many times are shut in in the winter time, and need a place to walk and exercise. We see them go into the Grand Traverse Mall, and also see our communities growing closer together and hopefully coordinating more services,” Vance Edwards, director of Cadillac-Wexford Transit Authority, said. Edwards says CWTA is also working on a transportation system for veterans to get to doctors appointments.

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