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1:45 Update: Suspect Still Detained

Northern Michigan's News Leader is following breaking news out of Traverse City. A California man is still being detained after a United Airlines Flight from Chicago had an incident on board upon landing in Traverse City. Police say the man left an “article” of some sort in the plane's bathroom. Flight crew members saw the man take something into the bathroom and say he did not have it when he came out. Per policy, they called police. The plane was sent to a smaller runway in a somewhat secluded area of the airport, and the 11 passengers were safely evacuated along with 3 crew members. Explosive sniffing dogs were taken on to the aircraft, and they did not find anything. However, a panel in the bathroom had been disturbed. Police say it is still too early to tell if it was a misunderstanding of some sort, and the threat had to be taken seriously. The wife of a passenger got in touch with her husband via cell phone, and talked to 9 & 10 news. She says her husband was the seat-mate of the suspect arrested and says he was acting suspiciously during the flight. The wife says passengers were taken to the fire station at the airport for debriefing. Most have been released as of 1:30 this afternoon. We'll have a complete report tonight on 9 & 10 News at 5, 6 & 11.