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Traverse City On Its Way To Becoming A “Coast Guard City”

Only nine cities in the United States boast the title “Coast Guard City,” and Traverse City is well on its way to becoming number ten. Last year, the Traverse City Mayor applied to become a Coast Guard City. The title is given to cities that demonstrate a strong commitment and show continued support to the local Coast Guard and its members. The Commander of the Coast Guard Air Station in Traverse City says the community exemplifies what it means to be a Coast Guard City. Congress has to review Traverse City's request, and as long as there are no objections within the next 90 days the Admiral of the United States Coast Guard says it'll be his pleasure to name Traverse City the 10th “Coast Guard City.” 9&10's Kalee Iacoangeli and photojournalist Jordan Nagel have more details on what it means for the local Coast Guard and the community to earn this title.

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