Vacationing Pets Help Feed Local Ones in Need

Some vacationing pooches and their owners helped make a huge donation to a local Humane Society, and it's all thanks in part to the Best Western in Traverse City. Since June, the pet friendly hotel has saved half of its pet fees and put it toward buying all of this pet food for the Cherryland Humane Society. The normal pantry at the shelter filled up quickly, so they had to find other creative places to store the food. They collected 25-hundred dollars and were able to buy 65-hundred pounds of dog and cat food. “The employees I think really went above and beyond to do this, and I think it was really creative for them to come up with it,” Ron Robinson, director of hotel operations, said. “It was absolutely impressive when the trucked pulled up, two double pallets came off with 50lb bags of pet food. Although we knew it was coming, to see it was absolutely incredible, Mike Cherry, Cherryland Humane Society, said. Cherry says this donation of food should last them for the next four months.

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