Frozen Pipes Close Gladwin County Courthouse Until Thursday

The frigid cold temperatures put a freeze on business at the Gladwin County Courthouse until Thursday. The courthouse is closed while cleaning crews work to dry out and clean up several offices that were flooded when pipes burst in the attic of the building over the weekend. Two of the hardest hit offices were the Register of Deeds and Friend of the Court. A special restoration company is working to freeze dry damaged computer files to save valuable documents. Crews were able to restore the phone system. Anyone with questions should just call the department they're looking for and there will be a recorded message with more information about what to do next. All of the scheduled court proceedings will be rescheduled. Those people expected to appear in court will be notified through the mail by a judge or attorney. 9&10's Kalee Iacoangeli and photojournalist Jordan Nagel spoke with the building's maintenance supervisor and have more details on the extent of the damage and the clean up effort.

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