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Leland Public School Rejects Race To The Top

At least one Northern Michigan school district is rejecting the Race To The Top challenge. Race To The Top is a chance to win federal money for making changes to the educational system. On the same day that the Governor signed reform bills to make Michigan eligible to compete for up to $400 million in federal funding, Leland Public School District decided not to sign on. The district's small size would only allow them to be awarded around $17,000, and that's only if the state were to win any money at all. They say the potential for that small of amount isn't worth the work that would go into it. The school board also says legislators have done a very poor job of answering questions and explaining guidelines. The district will now send a letter explaining their decision to the state superintendent and Intermediate School District, among others. Erika Waddell and photojournalist Justin DePrekel have the story.