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Sun Safety

Spending lazy days on a boat or beach is summer tradition for many. But everyone knows soaking up the sun isn't safe. In today's Medwatch report, Michelle Dunaway has a reminder about skin cancer … And how to prevent it. Dermatologist are looking for specific characteristics when they are checking out potentially cancerous moles … The A,B,C's of skin cancer. A=Asymmetry It's a concern if half of a mole is completly unlike the other half. B=Border Irregularity Moles should be round or oval–they should not be jagged and irregular. C=Color Variation Moles should be even colored; One mole that is black, white, red and brown is a concern. D=Diameter Moles that are getting gradually bigger–or if they are already larger than a pencil eraser–should be checked out. Dr. Dean says you should know your body, and doing a monthly skin checkup is a good idea. Don't forget what you can't see–have a spouse or loved one get your back.