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Car Seat Safety

For parents, a car seat is a no brainer, a necessity. But if the seat isn't installed correctly, there may be no benefit to using one. In today's Medwatch report, Michelle Dunaway shows all parents how to make sure their child is safe. Some other laws regarding car seats: –Children have to be in a car seat until age 4 –From 4-8 years old they must be in a booster seat … or until they are 4'9″ –Ideally the most vulnerable passenger should be in the middle of the back seat –The front seat is never recommended for a car seat, but if you must do it, turn off the airbag. –Children under the age of 12 should always ride in the back seat –When you change vehicles or car seats, always get professional help to make sure it's installed correctly. For more information about Safe Kids, or to learn how you can get a free car seat check go to or call (231) 935-5500.