MedWatch: Prescription Drug Addictions

You have a prescription … You don't buy your drugs on the street … That means you don't have a problem … Not necessarily. Prescription drug abuse and addiction is a growing issue. Michelle Dunaway shows us there is hope in today's Medwatch. Some signs you or someone you love might have a problem with prescription drugs: Rapid increase in the amount of medication needed Moving from one doctor to another for additional prescriptions Craving the medication Inability to stop or limit medication use Withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping the medication (eg, anxiety, sweating, nausea and vomiting, goose bumps on the skin, dilated pupils) Using significant effort to acquire the medication Medication use that interferes with activities Compulsive use of the medication despite adverse effects Anyone in the Munson Medical Center service area who needs an evaluation for mental health or chemical dependency problems can receive one at Behavioral Health Services Centralized Access Center. If you think you or someone you love might need help, contact Munson Medical Center's Centralized Access Center: Furnishes a single entry system into Behavioral Health Services. Provides a prompt and thorough evaluation. Enables the Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center and the Mental Health Services to provide care for more patients. Assures the appropriate level of care for patients. Located in Munson Medical Center's Behavioral Health Services/Alcohol and Drug Treatment Building, the center has experienced clinicians who will perform an evaluation and collect information from incoming patients either in person or by phone. Following an assessment, the clinician will determine whether a psychiatrist or addictionologist should evaluate the patient. If necessary, the clinician will contact the appropriate health care provider for the proper level of care. It may be to an Inpatient Psychiatric Unit for acute admission, to the Intensive Outpatient With Housing Program for alcohol or drug treatment, or to the Partial Hospitalization Program for psychiatry. Other options include the Intensive Outpatient Evening Program for substance abuse, routine outpatient treatment, or one of several types of treatment at a Community Mental Health program. For more information and assistance, please call Munson Healthcare Behavioral Health Services at (231) 935-6382 or 1-800-662-6766. Behavioral Health Services 1105 Sixth Street Traverse City, MI 49684