Living Right: Gestational Diabetes

When a woman finds out she's pregnant, she now has one more life to worry about… And that means her health becomes even more important. One of the things that can happen in those nine months is gestational diabetes, high blood sugar during your pregnancy. In Living Right, Robyn Haines talks about who's at risk, and how to treat it. Jamie Janco is about to have her first child… So when she started getting a dry mouth and going to the bathroom a lot more… She thought it was normal. But a required glucose test at 27 weeks showed otherwise. She was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Cindy Hodges has been an OB nurse for 19 years now, so seeing women diagnosed with the condition is nothing new, despite Jamie not having one of the major symptoms. You see, Jamie only gained 23 months the entire pregnancy… but diabetes runs in her family. Other risk factors include: previously delivering a very large baby, being overweight before you got pregnant, older than 25, and if you've had gestational diabetes before. Jamie was immediately sent to a diabetes educator and a dietitian at Mercy Grayling Hospital… She learned how to change her diet and control her sugars. She now has to prick her finger four times a day, to make sure she's keeping her levels in check. She also gets monitored by her doctors more often than normal. Every week, she undergoes a fetal well-being check. And so far, so good. Little Farrah is on target to make her debut to the world on July 16. Gestational diabetes is only temporary, and your blood sugar often returns to normal after delivery. Doctors will still check the baby and mom six weeks later to be sure.

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