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Alpena Woman Leads Police on High Speed Chase through Cheboygan Co.

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An Alpena woman led deputies in Cheboygan County on a high speed chase through several towns.

It all started around 4:15 Wednesday afternoon.

Deputies got a call to be on the lookout for a red Mustang Convertible on M-68 near I-75 in Indian River.

The car was reportedly running other cars off the road.

A deputy, along with an officer from Tuscarora Township, tried to stop the driver, but the woman kept going. She reached speeds of 90 mph. 

She drove west to Alanson. Police say she then hit another car in Conway before stopping on the shoulder of US-31 near Conway Road. The woman got out of her car and tried to walk away.

Deputies arrested her and took her to the Cheboygan County Jail.

People living nearby say the chase happened close to rush hour, causing trouble for other drivers.

"It was heavy traffic, cop cars sliding all over the place. Traffic at the lights, people were beeping their horns and didn't know what was going on until after they see all the cop cars. Everyone pulled over for the cop cars but you know you were at lights turning one way or the other. No one really knew what was going on until it was an obvious pursuit," explained witness Dwight Carson.

Deputies say the same woman led officers on a chase in 2011 through Gaylord.

She will undergo a mental evaluation before going in front of a judge.