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Business Winding Down In Downtown Traverse City

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It's been a great week for business at The National Cherry Festival in downtown Traverse City, but now things are starting to wind down.

Cool, rainy weather brought a lot of visitors into downtown shops and restaurants earlier this week, but they migrated back toward the open space and other cherry festival venues as the week went on.

"It hasn't been as busy as it usually is, we're usually packed out the door we have that a few times each night it happens but its not been that steadily busy as it usually is," said Allison Taphouse, Sales Associate for Sugarkissed.

Business has been noticeably different for downtown Traverse City shops today, possibly because The National Cherry Festival is coming to an end tomorrow.

"Earlier in the week was really good when the weather was down, people were definitely shopping instead of riding rides and eating food they were in and out of all the shops down here," said Allison Porter, Sales Associate at M22.

Foot traffic may be slowing down, but the roads are still busy with cars driving around trying to find parking spots downtown.

Another reason for the decrease in foot traffic may be that Cherry Festival visitors are starting to make their way home.

"A lot of people said that they're heading home today or tomorrow, so maybe kinda done with the whole cherry fest thing," said Porter.

Which is a little bit of a let down for some of the people working downtown.

"It's kind of a bummer when you're coming in and expecting a lot of people to be in here and it's kinda a let down sometimes but its really great to have customers in here," said Porter.

They're still keeping their fingers crossed for one last huge crowd to come through tomorrow with the cherry royale parade.

"We definitely have a lot more people scheduled for tomorrow versus like a Tuesday afternoon, so hoping for a lot more foot traffic down here," said Porter.