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NCF Pet Show Brings Families Together

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The National Cherry Festival would not be complete without the Pet Show for the kids.

Today, dozens of people gathered at the F&M Park to show off their unique animals.

Dogs, cats and turtles were just a few of the pets at today's Pet Show.

And it's not surprising the kids were pretty excited as they took their favorite friend across the stage.

"I'm really nervous slash excited."

Meet Max and Ruby, the bride and groom of the Pet Show today at the National Cherry Festival.

"I just thought hey, we have a boy a girl and it would just be really funny to have a bride and a groom," explained Rachel Dunphey.

Rachel came up with the idea after her friend told her about the show last year.

"I am supposed to be the mother of Max and Ruby, that's why I have the cat ears and I'm the dress on and then two boys are my brothers. The little one is supposed to be the ring bearer and the big one is just holding the leash."

And she made the costumes all by herself.

"My parents bought the dresses at PetSmart then I bought the rest of the stuff. I bought the tissue paper and I went on my mom's iPad and learned how to make tissue paper flowers."

It wasn't just furry friends at the show. Riley Sheffer brought his pet turtle.

"I'm training her for the turtle race so I always like to take her out, and train her to run around on a little towel and it's really fun."

His theme was the tortoise and the hare.

"My sister Esme wore her bunny costume and we raced them on the stage and like usual like in the story, the tortoise won."

Both kids say they had a great time and plan on participating in the Pet Show again next year.