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One Town Prides Itself on Having Greatest 4th in the North

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A small Northern Michigan town will grow ten times in size over the weekend, for one fun festival.

As many people go North for the weekend, one town prides itself on having one of the best festivals in Northern Michigan. The Greatest 4th in the North draws in lots of people to Lake City each year, but many of the businesses say this year looks record-breaking.

Many businesses say this is the kick start to their busy summer season. And they say people are taking advantage of the extended holiday weekend. "We have people that have now come up for the entire week and carry over into next week even so having that on the weekend it doesn't keep it just to the weekend, it definitely brings people up for that entire week of the 4th," says Natalie Davis, Lake View Motel and Missaukee Paddle Sports.

The Lake View Motel is full all weekend and many people seem to be enjoying the paddle sports, right along with the fun festival.

"This is our biggest festival here, it draws people from all over the place and it just seems like word of mouth and the fireworks are really good and the parade ya know, is one of the best up here, so it just keeps growing every year," says Chad Vandertuig, owner of Tasty Treat. Tasty Treat prepares for their busiest weekend of the year by ordering extra ice cream to accommodate all of their customers. "I've timed the line, we do like about 80 people every 20 minutes so, and that's making flurries and shakes and so we're moving them pretty fast. I don't know how many gallons, we just keep jamming the freezers and coolers full, so we get deliveries all the time," says Vandertuig.

As these businesses work on keeping up with the large crowds this weekend, they say they'll encourage them to come back again. "They see how beautiful our lake is and how wonderful our town is and so they keep coming back," says Davis.

Many activities are planned throughout the rest of the weekend in Lake City, for a complete list visit the Greatest 4th in the North website.