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Red Ginger Employees Help Charities During Restaurant Closure

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This popular Traverse City restaurant remains closed.

But that's not stopping employees for cooking up some tasty meals for a good cause.

Chefs and servers are showing off their talents to help local charities.

You'll remember part of Red Ginger collapsed on May 30.

It's been closed since.

But while the restaurant gets back on its feet, workers aren't just sitting around.

"Getting our hands dirty," said Shaun Dobie, Chef de Cuisine at the Red Ginger. "It's what we really like to do. Cooking food."

Without the right kind of kitchen...that's something that is hard to do.

"We've all obviously been cooking at home which is a lot different, you know?" Dobie said. "Cooking in a commercial kitchen is...there's something...the sounds, the sights, the smells."

Since the closure of the Red Ginger, the folks who called that restaurant their home are now bringing their flavors to those in need.

"A lot of our employees are working with Habitat for Humanity," Dobie said. "There's a small ranch called Peace Ranch that they've been helping. They kind of pair disabilities with horses. Disabled horses, disabled people and bring them together."

Today, chefs taught people at Goodwill some cooking techniques.

Tomorrow, those flavors will be on display at Black Star Farms.

"We run a job-training program for individuals with disabilities and disadvantages," said Brandon Seng, Director of Food Programs at Goodwill Inc.  "This is a great opportunity for us to partner with the Red Ginger to provide not only training for those folks but training by some of the industry's finest."

"All of our people, you know, they come in and...the feel good, the smile on their face, they are loving the fact that they're able to get out and help people," Dobie said.

Work is still being done to fix Red Ginger.

They still don't have a date for their reopening.