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Kalin's Challenge: Still A Struggle

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Just when I thought I was really getting a hang of things, Memorial Day weekend set me off track.

I spent a majority of the week with family, celebrating, not working out and eating whatever I felt like. I told myself I was still being 'good' but deep down knew what to expect when I hopped on the scale. It was a very scary step back to my old habits. The struggle is real my friends, and if you've ever had an issue with food or weight, I know you can relate.

Our appointment with Connie, our dietician at Munson Medical Center could not have come at a better time. She shared with us seven things that people who can successfully keep weight off, share in common.

I can't say I was shocked at any of them, but seeing how many people share seven simple habits has showed me, yet again, that this is not a race, it has no finish line and it will only get tougher.

Lately I've been focusing on being outside more, moving lots and really trying to find a groove with this lifestyle that will last forever. I'm back tracking what I eat very intensely for a bit to get back in the swing of things.

There are only a few weeks left! Our final Kalin's Challenge segment airs on July 1st. I cannot wait to share it with you! Until then, I leave you with 5 things I'm doing everyday!

--Stretching. Even on the days I don't work out, I'm stretching, I feel tons better.

--Celebrating the little things, my shoes and rings fit better!

--Enjoying the journey. Even on my toughest days.

--Remembering that one bad day, doesn't have to mean a bad week. One bad meal doesn't have to mean a bad day!

--Loving life. A positive attitude makes all the difference. :)