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Community Scared by Abduction Attempt

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People living in a Mid-Michigan community are frightened for their own children tonight.

Police say a 15-year-old girl escaped when a man tried to get her into his car.

Police say the girl was on her way home from school when the man pulled up alongside her.

The abduction attempt happened Friday near the intersection of Greenville Road and Dickerson Lake Road in Montcalm Township.

"It's kinda scary to think that, this far away from schools, people are still kinda targeting kids," said Janessa Edlund, Greenville resident.

And not just the little ones.

Police say a man tried to abduct a 15-year-old girl.

A very scary situation for many who live around here.

"I miss the old days when you didn't have to worry about it so much," Edlund said. "It didn't happen, especially in little towns like this."

Janessa Edlund and her children live near where the attempted abduction happened.

For her, the quiet neighborhood she lives in doesn't seem so quiet anymore.

"There's people that drive around here all the time," Edlund said. "We never really worry about it. You just wave and it's no big deal but now it kinda throws you off."

Police say the girl was walking home after school when a man pulled up alongside her.

When he demanded her to get in his car, she ran.

"Being out here, it was different because, I mean, she had to run," Edlund said. "There was no where else for her to go. There are no people around. So it's happened before but it's always in town."

But when something like this happens here where so many felt safe, everyone feels the impact.

"You can't even have your kids, you know, free roam about the yard or go out and play without worrying, 'Well, how far away are they? Is there somebody out there watching my kid?'" David Slater, a Stanton resident, said.

While this story ended well and the girl was not hurt, parents are keeping their kids a little closer.

"Definitely no kids out to the bus stop by themselves," Slater said. "We're not going to take any chances, you know? Hopefully whoever did it gets caught."

The girl who escaped abduction is reportedly unharmed and safe.