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Electronic Devices Disrupting Sleep

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Cell phones, tablets, and lap-tops, electronic devices are with us nearly everywhere we go.

But there's a good reason to keep them far away when you're sleeping.

You may use your e-reader before closing your eyes, or lay in bed checking your Facebook feed one last time.

The National Sleep Foundation says about 95% of Americans use an electronic device within an hour of going to sleep.

89% of adults and 75% of children have at least one of the devices in their bedrooms.

But the light and noise from these devices can disrupt sleep cycles by tricking your body into thinking it is daytime and thus stopping it from producing a hormone that helps you sleep.

A 2013 study published in the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Journal found that late night use of computers and mobile phones is related to insomnia.

Experts recommend trying an electronic curfew. One hour before bed, remove or turn off all electronic devices in the bedroom. And if you have a television, most have timers that automatically turn of the screen at a chosen time.

For more tips on getting a better night's rest, head to the National Sleep Foundation's website.