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Grayling Golf Tribute Project Finally Unveiled

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A memorial now in place to honor two young men who died in a tragic car accident one year ago.

Just days after the Grayling golf team was involved in a deadly accident, a tribute project was put into motion and it was finally unveiled Friday.

Last April, a van carrying members of the Grayling High School golf team, and another van collided in Kalkaska County. Three people died, including a golfer, a coach, and a woman in the other vehicle. Several others were injured.

"It's a little fitting that its cloudy today, one year ago it was a dark day here," says Chet Wheeler, president of the Grayling Country Club.

Three boulders now sit on the edge of the fire pit area in honor of two young men who lost their lives.

"The tribute project for our boys golf team is that so nobody ever forgets. We don't want Louie to ever be forgotten, Jason to ever be forgotten, we don't want each of the boys that were there that day to be forgotten or the boys that decided to continue playing for the rest of the year for their friends," says Wheeler.

Days after the accident happened Wheeler and several others came up with this tribute and tonight unveiled it to the community.

Wheeler says," We gained strength from others because none of us have the strength to go through something like this alone."

Jayme Potter, Coach Jason Potter's sister, says, "Just to have somewhere that we can be and talk to everybody that knows what happened and hug and cry and do what we have to do somewhere warm."

Warmth being brought physically and mentally as people heal and comfort one another. The bricks surrounding the fire pit were donated by the community with loving words inscribed on them.

"It's not so much just for our golf team, a lot of people put like memorial bricks for their family members and I think that's pretty cool," says Mason Krey who was involved in the crash.

Even though it was gloomy at the start of the tribute, the sun came out bringing everyone a little comfort. "That to me, as the sun shines now, I know my brother's here and I know he loves every bit of it," says Potter.

Also at Friday's tribute, the five other boys involved in the crash were given scholarship money from the Grayling Golf Recovery Fund.