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UPDATE: Makowski Asking State Supreme Court for Help

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UPDATE: June 20

A Michigan prisoner is asking the State Supreme Court for help with his release after the court's recent decision on his case.

As one of her last acts in office, former Governor Jennifer Granholm commuted the life sentence of Matthew Makowski, but then changed her mind 48 hours later. The court said that move was illegal.

Makowski's lawyers thought it would clear the way for his release after 25 years in prison. But the parole board says the decision means he only qualifies for a parole hearing.

Makowski's lawyers are asking the Supreme Court to modify its opinion. He was convicted of murder for setting up a Dearborn robbery that led to the death of a co-worker back in the late 1980's.

June 13

A prison inmate who has served 25 years for a crime, may not be granted release now.

A parole board decided Matthew Makowski must start the entire parole process from scratch.

This means the parole board or a judge could veto any consideration on his release and make him wait years.

Makowski has served 25 years for arranging a robbery that caused the deadly stabbing of a co-worker in Dearborn.

In 2010, Granholm commuted Makowski's life sentence. The move made him eligible for parole after more than 20 years in prison. Within 48 hours, Granholm changed her mind, and her order was destroyed.

The Supreme Court last week said Granholm's reversal was illegal.