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UPDATE: Charlevoix Man Accused of Shooting Neighbor's Dog with Pellet Gun

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New details tonight involving a man who police say shot his neighbor's dog with a pellet gun.

The 83-year-old Charlevoix man now faces animal cruelty charges for the death of a family's Sheltie.

James Jerome Gibbons turned himself in earlier this month.

A family says Gibbons shot their dog when it wandered into his yard.

The dog then had to be put down because he was paralyzed.

Gibbons faces a misdemeanor that could lead to a year in jail or a fine.

He will be in court next week.

Police say the dog was hit in the spine, paralyzing it from the shoulders down.

Neighbors say the man who was arrested, Dr. James Gibbons, did not like any animals coming onto his well landscaped lawn.

The dog was shot just a few doors down from its home just outside of Charlevoix on Memorial Day.

This is a photo of Robbie from a few years ago.

He was known to take walks around the neighborhood without a leash and many neighbors had no issues with it.

One neighbor, Micki Clawson was walking her dog on Memorial Day when she saw Robbie wander into Dr. Gibbons yard, she then heard a gunshot and then a screaming yelp from a dog.

She quickly ran to get Robbie's owner and then found the collie laying nearby.

9&10 News' Eric Lloyd and photojournalist Tony Zyber spoke to Clawson about the incident and have more details.