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First Case of Deadly Virus MERS Co-V Confirmed in U.S.

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The first confirmed case of MERS Co-V is in Indiana.

The CDC is trying to learn as much as possible in case it spreads.

MERS Co-V or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome has been an often deadly disease in that area for a few years.

It's a virus, and people infected have severe flu or pneumonia symptoms.

About a third of the confirmed cases have died.

Doctors think the infection started in camels and cases have been confirmed in Europe, Africa, and now the United States.

Right now, the CDC says those who have died already had weakened immune systems, and one must be in very close contact with someone for the disease to be transmittable.

But like other infectious diseases, the worry is the virus will mutate and become more deadly.

The state has the ability to test for MERS Co-V and has been, but so far it has not reached Michigan.

9&10's Marisa McKay and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson spoke to a local doctor to learn what concerns the medical community as more time passes, and more people could potentially come infected.