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Visualize Success During Peak Week

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It's week 15 of training for the Bayshore races, and it's the toughest one yet.

Coaches called this peak week.

It means no matter which length of race you're running, the workout was the hardest it's ever going to be.

From here on out, the training gets easier, or tapers off until right before the race.

It keeps your body in good shape without too much strain.

But runners explain peak week is just as much mental, as it is physical.

Janice Beyer, who is training for the half marathon, said, "sometimes you can start to freak out a little bit when you see the race is getting closer and closer, and sometimes the best thing you can do is go out and run. You see the training that it's paid off, maybe your mind doesn't think you're there but your body knows you are."

The Bayshore races take place May 24th.

Bayshore In Training Coach Allison says, "Welcome to Peak Week runners! Peak week for most training plans contains the most intense workouts and longest runs of the training schedule. It is important during peak week to stay focused on the tasks at hand with a positive mindset. It may sound silly, but visualization and confidence can go a long way in distance running and are especially important when the training gets tough. The more you see yourself having a successful workout or race the more likely it is to happen."