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GT Co. Man Arrested for Assault, Break-Ins and Car-Jacking

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A Grand Traverse County man, arrested Friday morning is facing some serious charges.

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office say the whole thing began shortly after 7:30 a.m. in the Sleights Road area of East Bay Township. They say a woman noticed a suspicious vehicle at a nearby relative's home. She told deputies she drove there and confronted the man, telling him to leave.

But instead of leaving Collin Biondo reportedly got in his car and rammed hers, telling her he had a gun, and to get out of the car. Then, Biondo ran to the woman's home and stole a vehicle, backing it through the garage door, which was closed. Police say he later abandoned that car, and entered another East Bay Home, where the residents were still asleep. 

Police say Biondo stole car keys but was unable to steal the car. Deputies arrested him around 10:00 AM on Hobbs Highway, where a resident reported him lying in the road. He was sitting there screaming when deputies found him.

Police never found a firearm, but say Biondo admitted to using crystal meth. 

Biondo faces charges of home invasion, attempted car jacking, felonious assault, and driving with a suspended license. He remains in jail on a $500,000 bond.