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Popular Wexford County Hardware Store to Close Its' Doors

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A popular hometown hardware store announced they're closing their doors.

Wexford County's Mesick Hardware will only be open for another two months.

The co-owner says sales simply weren't good enough to stay afloat. 

While two people will be losing jobs, the community will be losing something even greater. 

is the old type where you can come in and buy one or two screws and not a whole box."

And the type of place, where they know their customers by their first names. 

"Lots of people coming in to hug us and say we can't believe you're leaving," said co-owner, Kathy Soerries.

Loyal customers say they've been shopping here forever. 

"I try to buy as much locally as I can, so I hate to see 'em leave. Very sad to see it go, very sad," said Ken Abraham.

This won't be the first Do-It-Best franchise in northern Michigan to close their doors recently. 

money isn't there anymore. Since 2008 you know, we've steadily watched the numbers go down, that effects our bonus from Do-It-Best and he said it's time. It takes a steady income to run the lights, and pay the employees, do the benefits," Soerries explained.

Kathy says they just knew things weren't going to get better. 

"In a small town, money's just not there to keep this size store going."

For the time being, customers will continue to soak in their last couple trips to the store. 

"This is one of the core businesses in town so it's going to be a loss for the community."

They plan to lock up this door for the final time at the end of June, something the owner's say will be heart wrenching. 

"We just have to say thanks to the community for the years that we have been here."

It's still unclear what will happen to the building once the store closes, though the owners say a few people have come forward with interest in buying it.