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Kalin's Challenge: Healthy Snacking

Kalin's Challenge: Healthy Snacking

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Hi Everyone! The scale keeps going down, which is exciting! But I was growing bored with the same old snacks everyday.  Snacking is an important part of our daily calorie intake. Snacks help us to curb hunger and keep our energy up.

I was pretty much set on cheese sticks, yogurts and the occasional cracker pack. But it was time to switch things up, although I really could live on cheese and chocolate- it's not the best way to balance a diet. :)

Meeting with the nutritionists at Munson Medical Center always leaves me with tons of great ideas. From hard boiled eggs and jerky, to different types of nuts, I left Connie's office with a wealth of knowledge.

It's tough to switch things up but it has helped tremendously. Aside from just being bored, its fun to try new recipes as well! Today for lunch I've packed a homemade tuna salad with lettuce to wrap it in. Should be good!

Aside from the obvious I've noticed the most interesting changes since losing about 20 pounds. My skin is clearer, my shoes fit better and I'm sleeping more soundly. I am working really hard at listening to my hunger signals. I'm definitely a person who says 'I'm hungry all the time!" When in reality, I'm most often just tired, bored, or looking for an emotional fix through food.

This has been the biggest challenge; changing the WAY I think about food. Food is fuel, not a fix for how I'm feeling.

I've got a long road ahead of me but each day is a new beginning! I'll be back next week with more! Until then, keep sending me your emails of your incredible weight loss stories, they are so fun to read! I'll leave you with some more tips;

5 Tips for snacking:

-I snack twice a day, sometimes three times if I've had a hard workout at the gym.

-There is a big difference between a snack, and a meal. Snacks should be small and packed with nutritional value.

-The higher the snack is in protein, the better I feel.

-Individually portioned snacks help me keep things in check, do NOT let me near a bag of cashews, almonds or peanuts! (still working on that self control thing).

-My go to favorites: jerky, cheese sticks, 100 calorie packs of walnuts and almonds, tuna packets with a squeeze of mustard, dark chocolate and a protein smoothie.