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MyNorth Tickets Minute: Opera Project, Mystical Arts, Appraisal Fundraiser

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It's a holiday weekend, maybe you have some friends or family coming into Traverse City and you're looking for ways to keep them entertained. Well has three opportunities to do just that:

This Friday and Saturday the students of Interlochen Arts Academy pair up with Parallel 45 Theatre company. The production is called The New Opera Project, new in that it was conceived, written, and composed by the students, and now you can see them perform it here at the InsideOut Gallery. 

Then back over at the Dennos Museum there are two events happening this Saturday. The first is the Mystical Arts of Tibet. It's a very unique performance to Traverse City, featuring mulitphonic singers, an art where each individual creates a complete singing chord through vocal muscle control. That's three notes coming from one mouth, all at once-Really cool to see and hear.

And then there's the Appraisal Day Fundraiser also at the Dennos, a fun way to get your hidden treasures verbally appraised. You will need a reservation to get your items looked at, and you can do that at, the same place to purchase your tickets for all of these events and check out everything going on Up North.