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Jack's Journal: Mysterious Statue In The Auditorium

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A mysterious statue with an entertaining past.

A statue of Abraham Lincoln stands tall in Traverse City's Central Grade School and has for decades.

It's also become fodder for pranks.

In tonight's Jack's Journal, Jack O'Malley delves into some big, unanswered questions about Honest Abe.

It was quiet when we arrived at Traverse City's Central Grade School.  As was the auditorium.  No one there but Abe Lincoln.  I've always wondered why Abe is even in the auditorium, not in say the school entrance.

I asked the staff at the school and no one was really sure of the answers. I needed help!

We think it was somewhere in the 30's.  We also don't know why they donated it.  Or why they chose Lincoln over say Washington or Jefferson.  We also have no idea why he's in the auditorium!

Now jump to the mid 50's and hi jinx ensued!  Someone from the class of '55 took Abe's head as a prank! And kept it for several years in his college dorm room before returning it.

The cracks still visible from this horrific attack.  After all this research, the mystery remains. If you have any facts to share contact Maddy at the TC History Center!