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Pro-Russian Demonstrators Arrested By Ukrainian Riot Police

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MOSCOW (AP) -- Around 70 pro-Russian demonstrators were arrested by Ukrainian riot police after fights broke out near the countries parliament building.  

Protesters took over a government office and began demanding the area became Russian territory.  

Special forces cleared the regional administration building and made arrests without the need of weapons.

 Some government buildings still remain under activist control.  

 The country's unrest also reached the parliament floor.

 Rival political parties crashed together after the groups began accusing each other of trying to ignite the crisis.  
"It is clear that Russian Special Forces and agents have been the catalyst behind the chaos of the last 24 hours.  Some have even been arrested and exposed," said Kerry. 

Secretary Kerry said the United States and their allies will continue to look for a diplomatic solution but warns Russia they will do what is necessary to stop any violation or international order.