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Knysz Sentenced To Life In Prison

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Life in prison for Eric Knysz.

He spoke briefly to the court Tuesday before a judge told him he will never get out of prison for murdering State Trooper Paul Butterfield.

This is a case we've been following since the night it broke, updating you every step of the way.

Tuesday, Eric Knysz was back in a Ludington courtroom for sentencing. A jury found him guilty of first degree murder in February.

Knysz shot Trooper Butterfield in the head during a traffic stop last September.

Knysz confessed to the murder during a taped interview with investigators.

His wife Sarah, who was with him during the shooting agreed to testify against Eric during his trial. 

Breelynn Martin was in the courtroom as Knysz was sentenced and emotions ran high.

It's been nearly seven months since Trooper Butterfield was murdered during a traffic stop.

Tuesday, he was sentenced for that crime and more. Eric Knysz sentenced for the murder of Trooper Paul Butterfield. 

A judge handed down a stiff sentence, but not before Butterfield's fiancee had a chance to share her thoughts. 

"I struggle to accept what has happened and that my partner in life is no longer here," said Jennifer Sielski. 

At times she became emotional and continued to let Knysz know what was on her heart.

"A fate that neither one of us deserved."

Later during the proceedings, Knysz took his opportunity to apologize for what he did.

"I'd like to say I'm sorry for the pain I've caused. I'd also like to apologize to my family for everything I've done."

Then the judge made his decision, "the court does sentence Knysz to a term of life in prison."

Again Knysz sentenced to life in prison without parole.
He will also spend additional time several gun-related charges, and unlawful driving away in a vehicle.