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Kalin's Challenge: Know Your Numbers

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Hello everyone!

Time is really flying on this weight loss journey, it's hard to believe I started in mid-January and April is here!

The 'turtle wins the race' is ringing very true this week. As the 'newness' of the program wears off its important to stay motivated and pushing forward.

We focused our update this week on our meeting with Board Certified Bariatric Health Specialist Dr. Patrick Friedli. Dr. Friedli is an amazing wealth of knowledge. Our meeting with him was focused on learning about obesity related diseases and going over lab work.

Obesity related diseases can take years off your life and more often than not they are preventable.

Dr. Friedli recommends getting an annual exam each year and requesting a blood pressure screening, lab work, measurements and heart rate from your doctor to learn your risks.

In the beginning I thought losing the weight would help me feel better and look better, but I'm not learning that more important than all of that if how its helping me prolong my life.

Here are 5 things I'm working on this week:

-Staying motivated, "The turtle wins the race" is my favorite line!

-Hydrating. One day last week I barely drank any water and could totally feel a difference! Its amazing how my body has adjusted to loving the amount of water I'm having each day.

-Getting outside more. It feels like Spring is finally here! (fingers crossed) I've been working to just 'move more' in general. Walking outside even for 20 minutes each day has helped.

-Sleep. When I start to make poor food choices I recognize that most of the time it is because I'm tired.

I will be back in 2 weeks with another update. If you're interested in learning more about Dr. Friedli or the Munson Healthy Weight Center head here.


-A food scale. Our food scale has helped me stay on track with portion sizes! Its great for things that aren't pre-portioned.