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Week 9: Being Flexible and Staying On Schedule

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Mother Nature can't seem to make up her mind, but people training for the Bayshore Marathon and other races are happy to see most of the snow on its way out.

The weather has forced many runners to be flexible in their training, something trainees learned this week.

Coaches say your training schedule doesn't have to be structured.

Franciska Visser has a job and takes classes for grad school, but she knows her training needs to be a top priority. "I know some people who make the excuse and especially with the weather and how it's been but I have to do it. If I don't, then I don't feel right. I pay for it much later."

Coaches also remind runners stretching, especially with a foam roller, and eating right are crucial for the heavy training.

Allison Goss from Running Fit in Traverse City says,"As busy adults sickness, deadlines, family obligations, and work hours can get in the way of our training. With all the challenges life throws our way, it is important to remember that your running schedule can be flexible.

"Too many runners get caught up in the weekly and daily number totals and get freaked out if their training schedule and mileage calendar do not match up. Do not stress if the numbers don't always line up. Just be sure to get your miles and workouts in when you can, as close to your schedule as possible.

"Remember, you have a goal in mind for your Bayshore experience and the best way to get to that goal is running!"