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Week 8: Keep Motivated With ABC

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Only 8 more weeks until the big race, and this week, Bayshore Marathon runners had a lesson in staying motivated.

With the weather we've been experiencing so far this spring, it can sometimes make it hard for runners to mentally and physically prepare for the race and training.

One runner we caught up with ran the race last year, and this year, she is hoping to run the race in less time.

Staying positive during training is key to reaching that goal.

"You really can talk yourself out of running, or I'm going too fast, going too slow, so you really have to learn to convert those into positive thoughts, which is hard, over a 5 hour run," says Carolyn Weeks. 

Bayshore in Training coach Alison says "For a lot of runners at this point in training, the physical aspects of distance runner are no longer the challenge but the brain starts to be an issue.

"The best way to train your brain is to follow the ABC: A) Accept the task at hand and enjoy the adventure of distance running. B) Be realistic with you goal. Set daily, weekly, and even per run goals for yourself that are challenging yet obtainable. C) Confidence is key! The constant personal reminder that you CAN do this and you ARE strong can push you further in any run or workout than any coach or trainer ever could. You are your biggest supporter so be confident in your ability and skill as runner.

"Above all else, throughout the entire training process when your brain starts to fatigue just remember running is FUN. Take a minute or two each run to remind yourself of the love and fun of this sport!"