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UPDATE: Men Identified In TC Meth Lab Bust, TNT Busy With Increase

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It's been a busy couple of months for the Traverse Narcotics Team, with several meth busts in Northern Michigan.

Tuesday, TNT found an active lab at a home in Traverse City.

Undercover officers broke up the suspected drug house near Union and 11th Streets.

That's a dangerous discovery anywhere you are, including in such a residential area. It's also very close to Traverse City's St. Francis School.

Charges have been authorized against two men arrested at the home.

Sawyer Larson and Matthew Lewis were charged for selling meth and another drug-related charge.
Larson is also be charged with running a meth lab.

Michigan State Police say the manufacturing of meth is a very dangerous process.

The recent meth labs found in the area have been active - which is also a concern.

Police say when spring comes, they're expecting to see an increase in dump sites in wooded and secluded areas.

While they're staying busy with the recent meth cases, they're not done yet.

They say this type of activity is a priority for them.

"This is at the forefront of the drug teams and our uniformed officers priorities as far as investigating complaints - methamphetamine manufacturing complaints are taken very seriously, and the investigative drug teams, this is priority one," said Lt. Kip Belcher of the Michigan State Police.

Michigan State Police are also anticipating an increase in dump sites once the snow melts, and encouraging you to report anything suspicious.

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