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New Details On Meth Bust in Cadillac

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Police following up on a new piece of information in a death investigation got more than expected at a Northern Michigan cabin.

Cadillac officers found stolen property and meth making materials at a cabin along North Blvd.

Investigators first went there to get information on the recently reopened James Strobel death investigation. He disappeared in July, his body wasn't found until September, and was believed to be a suicide. Now police say new statements have led them to reopen the case.

Police went to talk to Christopher Everett and while there they spotted stolen property from a break-in that happened that morning in Cadillac. He gave permission for police to search his house and they found meth materials.

Everett was arrested for receiving and concealing stolen property. More charges expected in connection to the meth.

Meantime, the investigation continues in the Strobel case. Police say they remain open-minded about the case and if there is new evidence in the case they will find it.

9&10's Breelynn Martin and Photojournalist Jeff Blevins spoke with Cadillac Police and a neighbor about what happened.