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Jack's Journal: Antrim County Court House Clock

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This is the Antrim County Court House clock.  It has been on duty for 92 years.  The building was opened in 1905 without the clock.

It was the early 20's when towns folks decided they needed a clock. $1350 was raised and in 1922 the Howard Clock Company out of Boston installed it.

Since then men like Dave Vitale have been charged with keeping her on time.  And it's his favorite part of his job.

Access to the clock takes you through the attic and up some steps.  You pass the bell, then the enclosed pendulum, and finally up to the old girl herself, in all her clicking, twirling glory.

On occasion the clock might stop and the citizens of Bellaire are quick to alert.

During a winter like we've had the hands can freeze, stopping the clock. An attempt is made to un stick them, but Dave is cautious and sometimes lets them thaw because he doesn't want them to crack. He won't rappel down the side and loosen them.