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Week 4: Know Your Body, Focus On Effort

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Temperatures have been dropping this week, but it didn't stop marathon runners from training for The Bayshore.

This week 9&10 News spoke with runner Angela Neumann.

She's running the half marathon in the Bayshore, and this is her second time training with a group.

She's been consistently running for a year, and says that one of the biggest things she's learned, is to listen to yourself and your body, knowing how to pace yourself is important.

She says a group setting really helps.

"A big part of my training is to be with a group, I go farther because of my group, and that's why I love this training group. For example on Saturday, I ran 9 miles, I haven't ran 9 miles since my half marathon, and the only reason I made it, is because I was with a group," explains Angela.

Bayshore in Training Coach Alison says, "the winter months with cold temperatures and poor footing can be frustrating for runners attempting to run specific goal paces or times. During these challenging running times we suggest focusing more on effort and not necessarily speed.

"While there are many different ways to judge effort one of the most simple and that requires zero equipment is word count per breath. The harder you are running or more effort you are exerting, the fewer number of words you should be able to utter per breath. So, this time of year on runs where you normally would focus on pace you should focus on your breathing and your words per breath to gauge how hard you are working.

"And, keep your fingers crossed that old man winter loosens his grip on Northern Michigan soon!"