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Feedback at 5:00: Do Students Have Enough Time For Lunch?

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The Michigan Department of Education recently sent out a survey to school districts to find out if children were getting enough time to eat lunch.

According to the MDE, some of the respondents say their students, especially the younger ones, are struggling to finish before it's time to go.

Many area schools follow USDA guidelines of 20 minute lunch periods followed by a 20 minute recess.

Districts like Cadillac Area Public Schools say they have people in place to make sure kids are getting the time to finish their meals.

But, the MDE says the amount of time allotted in schools all over the state may not be enough.

Kyle Guerrant from the Michigan Department of Education says, "we started seeing a spike in calls or concerns from both food service professionals in schools as well as parents about their students not having enough time to eat before they get back to class."

What do you think? Are your kids getting the time they need to finish their lunch?

It's tonight's Feedback at 5:00.

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