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Week 3: Focus On Form

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Earlier this week it started to look, and feel a bit like spring.

So runners training for the Bayshore races took advantage.

This week we met Cindy, a mother of a young child who is trying to find the time to get back in running shape.

Cindy says she's training for the Bayshore 10-K race, but hopes to eventually run a half marathon.

This week Cindy and the other runners focused on form.

Coaches say good posture and running tall can help you use less energy and push you moving forward. 

Cindy says, "my dad used to run for Michigan State and he always used to tell me when you finish a race, take one more step. You don't want to just collapse, and make sure that your stretching and really elongating your strides so that you're going farther."

Form is also very important. Proper running forms leads to more efficient running. Efficiency helps you to expend as little energy as possibly which is beneficial in all forms of running but specifically when a runner's goal is a long distance event.

For Bayshore In Training we like to focus on what we call "proud form." By running tall with shoulders back, chin up, eyes focused forward, and arms pumping in a relaxed fluid motion it helps our runners learn to direct all their energy ahead of them as they run. With energy focused forward the body is naturally drawn forward toward the end goal, which in our case is the finish line at the Bayshore races.