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Roads Quickly Deteriorating Due to Weather Conditions

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We wanted to show you just how bad the roads are getting tonight, and it didn't take long to find deteriorating conditions in Gaylord.

It's slick and messy.

The condition of the roads has only gotten worse throughout the evening.

It's challenging those who have no choice but to drive.

"What we're getting now is kind of sloppy, and I have four wheel drive and mine will even still slide a little bit."

As a delivery driver, the rain, sleet, snow, and wind is the last thing Eddie Guethlein wants to deal with.

"Very actually inconvenient. It does slow you down a little bit, you really do, more than anything I spend my time watching other people on the road."

While Eddie is making the rounds in Gaylord, Rick Mitchell has a longer trip in the messy weather.

"We had to go to Burt Lake to play a game, we're on our way home. Home is Bridgeport, Michigan."

They're making the almost 200 mile trip on this bus.

"You gotta be real cautious," Mitchell explained, "The challenge is watching, and watching for slick spots, and the roads are getting slicker so you have to slow down."

Both say slowing down is the way to go, no matter if your precious cargo is a person or a pizza.

"Instead of driving 60, 65, I'm going to have to drop it back down to 45, 50. We were hoping to be home by 10:30, but it might probably be 11, 1130, 12."

Road Commission trucks were out salting the roads, but with the worsening ice conditions, they are still very slick.