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Kalin's Challenge: Everything in Moderation

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Hey everybody!

Wow, first off a huge thank you to all of you for your emails and messages of support, its amazing how many of you have struggled first hand with getting healthy and been successful in doing so! Keep them coming, its a huge motivator for me!

Our focus this week is on nutrition, the team at Munson Medical Center has been amazing in providing regular meetings with a nutritionist who helps teach us what to eat, when to eat it and what to try and avoid.

The best news? Nothing is off limits. I've learned that everything is okay in moderation, and if something is really worth it to me, I will find a way to fit it into my daily plan. I love food, some of the best moments in life are shared around a table with people you love, delicious food and having a toast to what's ahead. But it's easy to let moments like this spin out of control.

Just being present, thinking about what I'm eating, is a major change. One of the most simple tips is having a plan. Never show up to an event starved, and try and get a glass of water in hand immediately. If it's a buffet type setting, scan the buffet and think BEFORE making a plate, find the healthiest options and load up on those, and allow for just a 'taste' of higher calorie treats.

Portion control is the 'name of the game' as our dietician says. There's a big different between an ACTUAL cup of rice and what you THINK is 'about a cup of rice.' Measuring what I eat has helped tremendously. For example, I love cream in my morning coffee, no need to give it up- I just measure out my amount and put it in my tracker. It's worth it to me.

It's been fun creating new healthy meals in our house, spaghetti squash has replaced pasta and I try and make half of each dinner plate vegetables. It's amazing how much better I feel after just a few weeks.

My initial weigh in was a great one, I'm 9 lbs closer to a healthy weight. I know it'll slow down to about a pound a week, a much more manageable pace- but the initial 'healthy shock' to my system created a bigger loss this week.

Here are 5 food tips for the week:

-Pack a lunch. Packing a healthy lunch with plenty of snacks for my day allows me to control my exact calorie count.

-Don't deprive yourself. If I'm really craving chocolate, a small piece of dark chocolate will do the trick and I track it in My Fitness Pal.

-No food 3 hours before bedtime. This one is tough, but it's helped me sleep better, and not go to bed stuffed. I've replaced my 'nighttime snacking' with a hot cup of tea.

-Arrive with a plan! Don't let social situations or 'food events' stress you out. Start the day with a great workout and fill up on healthy proteins beforehand.

-If you fall off the bandwagon, get right back on. There will be days when something unexpected comes up. Don't let a bad meal, ruin an entire week. Stop beating yourself up! You're human!

Thanks for reading this week and I'll see you in a bit, feel free to email me your story, questions and what works for you!