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Jury Selected Tuesday for Trooper Butterfield Murder Trial

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Jury selection started Tuesday morning in the Mason County trial against the man accused of shooting and killing Trooper Paul Butterfield. 

Tuesday evening, the jury was seated. The jury consists of 11 women and 3 men. 

Eric Knysz is charged with first degree murder for the deadly shooting last September. 

Police say Knysz shot and killed Trooper Butterfield during a traffic stop in Mason County. 

Eric's wife, Sarah Knysz was in the car at the time and has taken a plea deal. She also agreed to testify against her husband.

Sarah Knysz says the two had stolen guns in their car when the trooper stopped them.  

More than 80 potential jurors started off the day in this courtroom.

Candidates were dismissed as more than 40 witnesses in the case were introduced, and questions asked.

Tuesday afternoon, a group of jurors was called to the jury box and questioned individually. More people were excused and added at that point. The goal was to get to 14 jurors. 

Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole is one of the witnesses and spoke with 9&10 News about the need for closure in this case. 

Eric Knysz was presented as a witness though it's not clear if he will testify.

Trooper Paul Butterfield was also named as a witness, but it's unclear how that will play out in court.

There was a motion filed for Eric's mother Tammi Spofford to not be required to testify in the case, for fear of possibly incriminating herself. The motion was granted Tuesday night and Spofford will no longer be required to take the stand.

This trial is expected to last nine days, and 9&10 News will be in court every step of the way, with live updates for you every night.